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The latest development of the innovative Firstlook360 rescue camera can, in addition to the normal wireless mode, be operated with a cable at a distance of up to 100 meters. It gives the rescuers the possibility to penetrate accordingly deep into the structure or to operate accordingly far away from the danger zone.

The hybrid rescue camera called FIRSTLOOK360 (FL360) stitches together numerous live spherical streams using two cameras and specially created software to provide a seamless imaging panorama that can be watched, analyzed, and altered on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone). The digital video images are also transferred in HD resolution and can be sent wirelessly or over wires to an Android mobile device.

Another fantastic advantage of this latest technology rescuecamera is the ability to later examine the footage over the entire 360-degree area. Since the rescuecamera captures the complete spherical video, not only the corresponding video sections can be examined, but the entire recording. Third parties, such as the incident commander, can then freely search the entire 360-degree view, greatly increasing the likelihood of a successful search.

In some cases, certain rescue cameras have moving elements to provide a 360-degree view. Functions such as focus and zoom are made possible by the sensitive elements. Devices with so many moving parts carry the risk of being damaged during a rescue and search operation under uncertain circumstances. If a rescue camera is damaged at this point, the rescue operation will often have to be aborted until a replacement rescue camera is available. The Firstlook360 has no moving parts and is therefore better able to withstand the harshest operating conditions

In addition, an intercom function with a microphone and speaker in the rescue camera allows communication with the patient or victim or receiving sounds out of the structure. Modern rescue cameras must provide you with the ability to communicate with patients and victims to increase the chances of a successful rescue

A secure and stable wireless connection between the rescue camera and tablet cannot be established for every rescue mission. FIRSTLOOK360 rescue cameras can also be operated with cables up to 100 meters long to establish a stable and interference-tolerant connection with the search and rescue camera so that rescue missions can be carried out successfully.

Firstlook360 rescue cameras have the advantage of being able to penetrate into the smallest cavities and provide a very good and well illuminated image on the screen thanks to the built-in powerful LED lighting. LED lighting provides 360-degree illumination of your surroundings, saving battery power and extending the life of your rescue camera compared to conventional lighting. LED lighting technology also reduces weight, making the rescue camera easier to use during rescue operations.

In addition, the FIRSTLOOK360 rescue camera can be used underwater and can be easily converted for this use and prepared for longer underwater rescue missions. The rescue camera can also be operated with standard camera equipment without damaging the device.

The modern and innovative design of the FIRSTLOOK360 rescue camera enables uninterrupted operation, even if the batteries need to be replaced (hot-swap capability). The rescue operation can be continued seamlessly. In addition, the rescue camera uses standard rechargeable batteries and which can be easily procured


MRK1 / MRK2 – Medical Rescue Camera Kit 1 & 2

This Firstlook360 KIT is designed for medical special operations personnel. The entire kit fits into a backpack and allows a paramedic to assess and monitor a trapped patient while attempting to extricate them.

The FL360 camera’s unique spherical imaging makes it the first rescue camera suitable for medical rescue missions where the victim is believed to be in an inaccessible location. The kit makes it easier for paramedics to assess the patient’s health when the entire body is not fully visible.

The FL360 camera design, with its small size, non-mechanical camera head, wireless functionality, and full 360° field of view, is well suited to assist paramedics in capturing important data.

The FL360 camera’s unique spherical imaging makes it the first rescue camera suitable for medical rescue operations where the victim is in an inaccessible location. It makes it easier for rescuers such as paramedics to assess the patient’s health whenever the entire body is not fully visible. The FL360’s design, with its small size, non-mechanical camera head, wireless functionality, and full 360-degree field of view, is well suited to assist paramedics in collecting data for rescue and treatment.

The most important features of the medical rescue camera briefly summarized

No moving parts

No swiveling camera head

360° spherical image

Wireless and wired

High resolution streaming

Supported by FL360 application (Android)

Touchscreen control and viewer


Interactive recorded 360° video

Two-way audio

360° spherical on-board lighting

Specifications of the FL360 LR (LongRange) Camera*

Optical specifications

Object distance approx. 1cm – ∞ from camera lens

Optical Specifications

Exposure control program – individual AE for each sensor

Optical Specifications

Image sensor 3.4 MP 1/3″ CMOS sensor with 2.2um pixels (for better sensitivity in low light)

Optical Specifications

Lens f/2.0 9-glass construction

Optical Specifications

Field of view 2 x 200 degrees (H x V x D) ultra-wide angle lens (360° effective coverage)

General Specifications

Live streaming resolution 960s HD (dual 960p @ 1920×960)

General Specifications

Video frame rate 30 fps

General Specifications

Recording media Tablet memory (microSD expandable to 512GB)

General Specifications

Battery Removable and hot-swappable 6800 mAH batteries (2x 18650 protected batteries)

General Specifications

Alternative/backup power source 4x CR123A lithium (battery adapter tube included)

General Specifications

Operating temperature range -10°C <—> 60°C

General Specifications

Sensors 6-axis: gyroscope, accelerometer

General Specifications

Audio communication 3W speaker, omnidirectional high sensitivity electret condenser microphone

General Specifications

Wireless 802.11n MIMO (dual antennas) Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

General Specifications

Wired (mast cable & long range cable) Extended length 3m (inside telescopic mast) / Optional long range – 30m & 92m

General Specifications

Weight ~800g

Mechanical Specifications

Camera diameter 1.97″ – 4.95cm

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical dimensions 10″ x 1.95″ ⌀ – 25.4 cm x 4.95 cm

Mechanical Specifications

Construction Aircraft grade aluminum (6061) and UHMW plastic

Mechanical Specifications

Water and dust protection rating IP68 – protection against immersion in water

Mechanical specifications

Anchor points Dual anchor points: Rear anchor point: 3/18-16 UNC | Front anchor point: 10-32 UNF

* All Agility FL360 (FIRSTLOOK360) products and accessories are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 2 years. This does not apply to damage caused by misuse, neglect or abuse. No other warranties are expressed or implied.

Support system specifications


Dimensions (main compartment)

462.3 x 228.6 x 184.1mm (18.2” H x 9” L x 7.25” D)


Dimensions (front compartment)

317.5 x 203.2 x 50.8mm (12.5” H x 8” L x 2” D)


Dimensions (inside)

457.2 x 330.2 x 170.2mm (18” H x 13” L x 6.7” D)


Dimensions (Exterior)

487.7 x 386.1 x 185.4mm (19.2” H x 15.2” L x 7.3” D)

Tablet specifications*


8″ screen

Operating system

OS Android

Protection class



1920×1200 pixels

Internal memory

64GB Tablet Storage (microSD Expandable)




3.5mm headphone jack


USB Type C / Bluetooth

Wireless connections

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO (2.4GHz/5GHz)


2GHz Octa-Core


213.8 x 126.8 x 9.9mm (8.417″ H x 4.99″ L x 0.39″ D)


5050 mAh (removable) – partially included in the kit is an additional universal battery pack

*The specifications of the Android tablet can change or deviate at any time and are dependent on the respective suppliers. You can also use your own Android tablets by arrangement.

App functions

Basic function

Swipe the screen in any direction to perform 360 degree analysis




1920×960 resolution

Recording format

Spherical mp4 recording

Recording Mode

Video streaming

Capture mode

Still image recordings




Metadata – GPS / time / date / FL360 serial number




Two-way voice communication


Wired or wireless connections


Mobile sharing via LTE or WiFi


Audio recording of the victim

Operating time

3-5 hours of operating time


VR headset compatible


On-screen diagnostics


    The FL360 electronically amplified hardwire cable is an advancement. It allows the search team to lower the camera vertically into a ventilated or confined space, or to increase the distance the camera can be located in a structure or cavity. This new cable is NOT part of the USAR1 kit but is an additional accessory that adds more capabilities to the system. NOTE: The FL360 Electronically Enhanced Hardwire cable will not work with RSK1 & MRK1 kits using the Samsung Tab Active 2 or older tablet models.

    The FL360 electronically amplified hardwire cable is an advancement. This allows the Search Team to lower the camera vertically into a ventilated or confined space, or to increase the distance the camera is inside a structure or cavity. This new cable is NOT part of the USAR1 kit but is an additional accessory that adds more capabilities to the system. NOTE: The FL360 Electronically Enhanced Hardwire cable will not work with old-generation FL360 camera systems. Here the FL360 LR (Long-Range) is explicitly required.
FIRSTLOOK360 - Rescuecamera, Searchkamera - MRK 1 - Medic Rescue Camera KIT

Box contents

FL360 Camera + FL360 Speaker

NANUK Hardcase

FL360 MSK Tripod

FL360 MSK Wand

FL360 MSK Headset In-Ear

FL360 Rechargeable Li-ion

FL360 Rechargeable battery with protection circuit x4

FL360 Pole Adapter

FL360 Battery Compartment Tool

FL360 CR123A Adapter Tube x2

FL360 Microphone Battery Cover

FL360 Smart Battery Holder – Holds and organizes 4 batteries, Protects battery terminals from short circuits, One-handed battery removal, High visibility color.

FL360 Rear Attachment Eye Hook

FL360 Rear Attachment Paint

FL360 Various side and attachments

Powerbank for Tablet – 10050 mAh, Impact resistant cover, IP66, Built-in charge level indicator, Self-sealing connector flap.

FL360 Eye Hook Mount – Galvanized steel, 1″ eye, 3/8″-16 thread.

Battery Charger/Tester – Li-ion/NiMH charger, Refresh/Test modes, USB port for charging tablets or powerbanks, Multiple operating charge currents .5A/1.0A/2.0A, Battery status indicator, Reverse polarity warning, International outlets, Battery test probes, 3A vehicle adapter cable, Adapter cable, Charges 2 batteries and USB simultaneously.

Batteries – 18650 protected battery cells, Color polarity markings, High capacity 3400mAh.

Battery Adapter Tubes – Accepts CR123A lithium batteries (2 pieces for emergency power).